Mark Sedgwick. Against the Modern World: Traditionalism and the Secret Intellectual History of the Twentieth Century.

Against the Modern World is the first history of Traditionalism, and important yet surprisingly little-known twentieth-century anti-modern movement. Compromising a number of often secret but sometimes very influential religious groups in the West and in the Islamic world, it affected mainstream and radical politics in Europe and the development of the field of religious studies in the United States, touching the lives of many individuals. Although its appeal in the West was ultimately limited, Traditionalism has wielded enormous influence in the field of religious studies. Against the Modern World tells the previously untold story of how this far-flung intellectual movement helped shape twentieth-century religious life, politics, and scholarship, all the while remaining invisible to outside observers.

“Mark Sedgwick shows how Traditionalism is a major influence on religion, politics,even international relations. Famous scholars, theosophist and masons, Gnostic ascetics and Sufi sheikhs jostle with neo-fascists, terrorists, and Islamists in their defection from a secular, materialist West. As a study of esotericism and Western images of the East, Against the Modern World compares in importance with Edward Said’s monumental Orientalism. Likewise, it deserves the widest readership.” --Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, author of Black Sun and The Occult Roots of Nazism.

Oxford University Press , New York. June 2004.
384 Pages
ISBN 0-19-515297-2

On Being a Pagan
Alain de Benoist

ISBN 0-9720292-2-2 $20.00
(Atlanta, Georgia: Ultra, 2004) email:

available from: Ultra Press, P.O. Box 11736
Atlanta, Georgia 30355 USA

Alain de Benoist is author of more than fifty books, and is a well-known figure of the French New Right. First published in 1981, this is a challenging book that, however one responds to its author's arguments concerning paganism and Christianity, effectively encourages its readers to reconsider what they think and why they think it. On Being a Pagan contains references to Jacob Böhme, Meister Eckhart, Paracelsus, Julius Evola, and many other authors. The book is published by the same press responsible for the journal Tyr, noted in the past two issues of Esoterica. Recommended.

Temenos Academy Review 2004: Kathleen Raine Memorial Issue.
Edited by Brian Keeble.

This is a collection of essays in tribute to Kathleen Raine. It is an overview of the depth and complexity of the whole range of Kathleen Raine’s work as a poet, scholar and teacher in relation to the idea of tradition.

Temenos Academy. 2004.
ISSN 1461-779X

The Betrayal of Tradition.
Articles by Titus Burckhardt, A. K. Coomaraswamy, René Guénon, S. H. Nasr, and various other Traditionalists, as well as by Karen Armstrong and Dorothy Sayers.
Edited by Harry Oldmeadow.

“Harry Oldmeadow has collected in this book twenty-five compelling essays...from key perennialist authors and other eminent thinkers. Divided into five sections, their responses treat the opposition between Tradition and Modernity, Perennial Truths and Modern Counterfeits, Social Order, the ‘Single Vision’ of Scientism, and lastly the Destruction of Traditional Cultures.”--Jean Biès, author, philosopher and poet.

Part of the Perennial Philosophy Series.
(Bloomington: World Wisdom, 2005).
ISBN 0-941532-55-0

Thomas Garret Isham. The Dimensions of the Enneagram: Triad, Tradition, Transformation.

“Thomas Garret Isham’s second book on spirituality and the Enneagram...shows erudition, scholarship, compassion, tolerance, and insight in equal measure. His analyses of Biblical characters in terms of the nine personality types are particularly interesting and memorable.” --Dr. Linda Jo Scott, Professor Emerita, Olivet College.

(Marshall: The Lion and the Bee, 2004).
159 Pages.
ISBN 0-923568-56-5.

John Herlihy. Borderlands of the Spirit: Reflections on a Sacred Science of Mind.

Borderlands of the Spirit is a major step in the desperately needed resurrection of a ‘principial’ psychology, couched not in arcane alchemical symbols but in the common language of our time.”--Charles Upton, author of The System of Antichrist: Truth and Falsehood in Postmodernism and the New Age

“This is perhaps the best exposition of traditional cognitive psychology to have appeared in recent times. It is also a major contribution to the contemporary discourse on religion and science.”--Osman Baker, Malaysia Chair of Islam in Southeast Asia, Georgetown University.

Part of The Perennial Philosophy Series
(Bloomington: World Wisdom, 2005).
ISBN 0-941532-67-4

University of Queensland Studies in Religion Students´ Association
Khthónios: A Journal for the Study of Religion
Volume II, No. 1

A student publication on all aspects of the academic study of religion. This issue includes articles such as “The Apocalypticism of Hildegard of Bingen: Vision 10, The Book of Divine Works” by Jeff Crocombe, and “Goddess Worship in Early Christianity: A Brief Look at the Collyridians” by Julie Washington.

University of Queensland Studies in Religion Students´ Association. November 2004.
57 Pages.
ISSN 1448-1286