REL 275 Assignment #2

Prof. Versluis





For this writing assignment, I'd like you to investigate and analyze a particular website or webpage devoted to a Western esoteric tradition, group, or individual. Begin by properly citing the website or page—i.e.,


Dionysius the Areopagite, "Celestial Hierarchy," Esoterica, (15 February 2008).


Introduce the site or page, and then develop your argument about it. Is it a valuable site or not? Is it reliable? Is it an educational (.edu) site, or is it commercial? Do they want to sell you something, or get you to join something? Is all the contact information on the first page—is there a real address and telephone number? Is there any dating of the site? When was it last updated? Is the information on the page or site correct, or does it seem slanted or just plain wrong? What is valuable about this page or site?

The site or page you choose must be directly connected to a topic that we've discussed in class, or that is mentioned in Magic and Mysticism.  Part of the idea here is to explore an area that you might want to investigate further, later in the semester.


The rough draft is due at the beginning of class on Monday, 18 February, and the final draft is due (with the rough draft attached beneath it) on Monday, 25 February, 2008.


Website Analysis Criteria


1. Website Citation Form___

2. Website Information (Contact information, sponsorship, etc.)___

3. Website Analysis (Does author analyze website impartially and fully?)[2pts]___

4. Website Content (Does author demonstrate the site’s relevance to our understanding of Western esotericism and hence to course?)____

5. Is the analysis well-written? (Grammar problems, etc.) [1.5]___

6. Does the analysis draw reasonable conclusions and make a substantiated, interesting, inventive argument that links to our course?[1.5]____



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