Early Modern Period

Malleus Maleficarum
The Malleus Maleficarum

Alchemical writings:
Alchemical writings I
Alchemical writings II (texts)

Jacob Boehme (Boehmen)
Jacob Boehme (General I)
Jacob Boehme (General II)
Overview of the Androgyne in Boehmean Theosophy and Related Currents
The Way to Christ (I)

The Way to Christ (II)
Of Heaven and Hell
The Supersensual Life
The Way From Darkness
Of True Resignation 
Of True Repentence
Of Regeneration or The New Birth (I)
Of Regeneration or The New Birth (II) 

Swedenborg Writings, online texts, lists, software for scholars
Text of "Heaven and its Wonders and Hell" from Things Heard and Seen

William Blake
William Blake (general)
William Blake (general II)
The Song of Innocence
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Roscicrucian writings:
Roscicrucian Writings

The Dionysian Artificers (1820)
"What is Freemasonry?" by Aleister Crowley